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Akillis continues its exploration of ethno-rock, enriching the unique, unexpected, and innovative field of jewelry-as-ink in homage to the tattoo artistry of the Maori. Treating the body as a canvas and conceived of as a second skin, the new collection from Caroline Gaspard - infused with the spirit of the tribal warrior - marries oceanic lines with Akillis’s signature style. Offered in Black & White, this line plays with a palette as bold as it is pure, as masculine as it is feminine. The authentic Maori style, curved and pointed, highlights the lines and muscles of the body. The jeweler injects her own graphic rock style into this timeless aesthetic. The titanium pieces - whether cords, pendants, earrings, rings, or bracelets - are highly affordable. Even though it is harder to work with than gold, AKILLIS uses titanium for the same reason aerospace engineers and fine watchmakers do: for its strength, its modernity, and for its diversity. A coating of black DLC - a patented technology mixing the structure of carbon, diamond, and a trace amount of hydrogen - making the metal colorfast. The creations set in DLC black gold, whether encrusted with black diamonds or not, play with variety. Depending on the polishing, faceting, and gem-setting, these creations toy with light - at turns raw, matte, satiny, silky, metallic, and more. The material makes these pieces vibrate. Through white gold and black diamonds, these “tattoos” are sassy classics - a concept never before seen in the world of jewelry. The flexible choker, half-open bracelet, and matching ring even pretend to be reserved.


Black DLC titanium bracelet
Titanuim (g): 11,25
REF. BTA0007

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