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2007. Caroline Gaspard, 25, creates Akillis. Birth of Bang Bang: a striking and provocative gold bullet, never seen in jewelry, directly inspired by an exhilarating shooting session in Moscow where the young woman left to join the man she loves.

And it is her disruptive temperament, her thirst for novelty, her vitality and her propensity to dare everything that the designer injects into Akillis where everything is permitted provided she sets an example. Because the young woman has a base of values ​​and a requirement with which she intends to endow her brand. By baptizing it with the Greek name of Achille, Caroline obliges herself. The legendary hero chosen as a warrior, protective and meritorious tutelary figure thus embodies the procedure to follow to move forward without fear, with wholeness and integrity in a sector that the designer wants to revolutionize. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs by parents who are as loving as they are hardworking, Caroline has inherited the meaning of effort: it is fair and constructive, allows you to surpass yourself in order to achieve your goals.

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